1. Provide an enabling environment for progressive advancement of Technical Education and Vocational Training in the state.
  2. Ensure inclusive expansion of Technical Education and Vocational Training relevant to stake holders in the state.
  3. Encourage greater private participation in the management of government educational training institutions and innovation in the Technical Education and Vocational Training.
  4. Provide educational infrastructure for the need based development.
  5. Provide opportunities for training and certification to the school dropouts, working labor, child labor and informally trained labor that have no certification for their skill.
  6. Strengthen linkages of technical education institutions with industries for mutual benefits.
  7. Upgrade skills through regular courses as per the needs of the industry and to provide technology course in the emerging areas.
  8. Take maximum benefits of the schemes of Government of India.
  9. Make efforts for optimal utilization of the resources of other departments for implementation of technical education programs.
  10. Develop infrastructure of Technical Education and Vocational Training in such a way that it can also be used by other departments for fulfillment of their trainings and other needs.
  11. Upgrade professional and managerial skills.
  12. Motivate students to achieve world class skills.
  13. Provide opportunity of skill development and technical education to all sections of the society without any gender bias.
  14. Ensure a transparent and fast system in the management of Technical Education and Vocational Training through the use of information technology.
  15. State Government shall encourage institutions situated in the State to implement National Vocational Education Qualification framework (NVEQF) and shall take necessary steps for its implementation.
  16. Provide courses in digital format for Distance Education and online system of teaching.
  17. Encourage institutions to achieve accreditation as per the national and international standards