About Directorate of Technical Education



Rapid growth is necessary in the field of Technical and Vocational Education to keep the growth rate of the country above 10%. It has been observed that the economic progress of the state is directly related to the development of Technical and Vocational Education system. Those states, where good progress has been made in this field, have attracted higher private investments in manufacturing and service sectors.
Availability of quality employment oriented education ensures an increase of working capability, productivity and employability of the people of the state. A comprehensive Technical Education and Skill Development Policy is essential for overall development of Technical Education and Skill Development sector in the state.


  • Providing high quality technical education and vocational training
  • Assisted in providing employment opportunities to the youth of Madhya Pradesh in the event of free economic market.
  • Ensuring qualitative standards set in technical educational institutions (including private sector)


  • Providing promising technology courses.
  • Continuous analysis and modernization of employment oriented and self-employment oriented courses.
  • Providing infrastructure for development on need basis.
  • To play the role of a coordinator between industry and technical institutions in a dynamic industrial environment.